Three pages from a Sports annual programme I create for the local rugby team Ely Tigers RFC. The brief was to keep it professional and to display the information provided in a balanced and uniform manner without diverting to much from the colour and image they have already created for themselves. I wanted it to be recognisable to the team, as opposed to a fairly broad design.
I stuck to a 2 column design throughout as this was only a A5 document and this layout would keep the uniform the club requested and allow scope to play with white space and tracking/leading. I felt the logo of the team (the tigers head) was strong visually and looked to orientate the design round the tigers head keeping it a key feature. This also helped with the tight time constraints as it meant I had a basis and style to choose fonts from.The fonts reflect the boldness of the tigers head but hold the traditional aspects of a teams crest, as well as incorporating their sharp edges of the Tigers head.