Logo and example of branding for a haulage company. Most, if not all haulage companies rely heavily on bold impactual fonts to display their name. In order to distinguish this haulage company I felt a strong image based logo would be the way to go. The haulage company wanted to be called ‘Shaun, Gill, Tyler Haulage’. I abbreviated this to SGT haulage which is also the abbreviation for Sergeant in the army, depicting authority and regimented planning.

Shaun, who would be the sole driver for the company initially, had a long beard and hair, which put me in mind of vikings, and obviously as vikings were known for being colonists and travelling across seas all over the globe. I felt this aspect should definitely be incorporated into the design. I did this by using the traditional ‘viking beard’ within the logo. The logo also has a effective ‘forward moving motion, as well as being strong and sturdy, which are key aspects of a haulage company.