This was a cover for a A4 supplement. It came through with a very strong brief that it was to contain a world map with arrows coming off it containing images of the food from that country. Problems with this were fitting a world atlas on a A4 page whilst keeping it visually effective.  Using colours within it I felt helped achieve this, to keep it bright and lift it off the page. To assist the brighter colours in keeping the atlas visually effective I used a deep dark colour to surround it, to draw the eye on the image.

I then had to select a font for the title ‘Tastes Around The World’ that was worldly and would not lean towards a certain countries culture or image. I also had to tackle the problem of the title being quite long but there being quite a lot of content on the page. So to help the title remains a title, I used a contrasting colour underneath it in the shape of a atlas (containing a translucent map) to act as an underline.

I then had the problem that straight forward ‘arrows’ don’t lend themselves to displaying pictures. So I devised a ‘pointer’ that tapered into a ellipse that was easier to display pictures in.